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مشاوره بازرگانی

شناخت رقبای تجاری، بازار سازی دقیق و مدیریت صادرات حرفه ای

صادرات کالا

انجام کلیه خدمات صادرات کالا به روسیه و کشور های حوزه اوراسیا

واردات کالا

ارائه کلیه خدمات واردات و ترخیص کالا از روسیه به ایران

ثبت شرکت در روسیه

انجام کلیه مراحل ثبت شرکت در روسیه و ارائه مشاوره رایگان

انتقال فناوری

ارائه خدمات حقوقی و قانونی برای انتقال صحیح دانش و فناوری

خدمات لجستیک

ارائه خدمات حمل و نقل کالا بین روسیه و ایران

Working Steps

From ordering to receiving the product

Rush Ayin Atlas Gharb company has created a safe and easy way to export by supplying quality products.

Communication With Manufacturers

Establishing a relationship with active suppliers and farmers who work in the food industry sector is the first step of Rag in the direction of supplying export goods.

Check Product Quality and Price

After taking product samples from farmers and suppliers, Rag company checks the quality of the product and checks the quality and price of the products.

Product Purchase

After the final approval of the product, a deposit is paid for loading and shipping, then the purchase process is completed with the receipt of the original invoice and final payment.

Communication With The Original Buyer

Rag trading group communicates with the main buyers to check the customer's needs to provide the best offer for the supply of products and services with free consultation.

Product Introduction

This collection sends a sample of the selected product to the buyer after placing the order and introduces the best product of quality and price moments.

Selling products to customers

With the approval of the product introduced by the buyer, an invoice is sent, and after financial transactions, the purchased goods are sent to domestic and foreign customers.


Why do customers choose RAG?

Rush Ayin Atlas Gharb Company is one of the country’s economic activists with a brilliant history, which, with an official license, performs all export, import, logistics and transportation services to Russia and the Eurasian region in the shortest possible time.

Does Rag company have the ability to export agricultural products?

This company has the ability to supply and export all agricultural products by using experienced experts and communication with farmers and producers.

In what fields is the activity of Rush Ayin company?

Rag Trading Group provides a wide range of services in the field of export and import of all food industries, handicrafts, digital technology, wood, etc. to Russia and the Eurasian area.

What services does your company provide?

Holding an exhibition tour, logistics, obtaining necessary permits and standards, investment and legal services, participation in Russian tenders, startup services, target market advertising and Russian translation.

Does Rag Company send samples to buyers before purchase?

If you intend to buy a product, it is possible to send you a sample after placing an order.

What is the method of transferring money for purchased goods?

The money transfer process, such as dollar and euro remittances, is done through authorized exchanges located in Iran.

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