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With many years of brilliant history in trade and supply of food, chemical, building materials, etc., Rush Ayin Atlas Gharb Company plays an important role in trade with other countries in the region by establishing stable business relations. Having an official license, this company helps you to perform all export, import, logistics and transportation services in the shortest possible time. One of Raag’s specialized areas is cooperation and participation in the export of goods to Russia and the import of goods from Russia to Iran. In this regard, it not only provides the highest quality products for export, purchase of chemical raw materials, food and construction materials, but also paves the fastest and most profitable way of business for you.

Raag Targets

Raag export area

In 2017, this company started the official activity of Leopard Company in Russia by registering an official office in St. Petersburg to be a smooth way for businessmen and businessmen to conduct business activities between Iran and Russia. At the customer’s request, Rush Ayin Atlas Gharb company has the possibility of registering the company and investing in Russia, financial transfers and covering the needs of customers with minimal commercial risk.


To receive any business advice, financial advice, company registration, export and import, obtaining visa and residence in Russia or other countries of the region and any kind of business and commercial activity, please contact our company’s consultants and specialists. We offer the most suitable solutions in order to protect the interests of our business partners, with complete respect and respect for business laws.

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    To place an order or purchase goods or to use the extensive and diverse services of Raag Company, you can contact us through the following phone numbers or register your request by filling out the form in front of you. Our experts will contact you as soon as possible.